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Harnessing the mental strength to unlock cognitive brilliance

Ascend TMS Center offers top-notch mental health strategies that empower your mental well-being. We employ non-invasive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy that can assist you in getting relief from depression symptoms. Initiate your journey of mental healing and unleash your brain potential.

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Our therapeutic strategies employ an advanced and innovative approach that ensures optimal mental health.

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Ascend TMS Center is a cornerstone of a balanced life that nurtures mental health so you get real-time mental health results.

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Ascend TMS Center comprises a team of highly professional and skilled clinicians who are devoted to assisting you in acquiring mental serenity.


Discover the mental resilience for a sound future

Ascend TMS Center breaks all the mental health stigmas so you can obtain mental refillment without any mental health issues.
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Anxiety Treatment
Anxiety is a common mental issue that involves a prolonged phase of sadness and fear. Ascend TMS Center offers the appropriate therapies that can perfectly address anxiety issues.
Depression Treatment
Persistent anxiety can transform into a depressive disorder. If you want to embrace your mind then get our depression therapies to reclaim the mental stability.
OCD Treatment
OCD disorder is characterized by obsessions and compulsions. Ascend TMS Center provides customized solutions to treat OCD symptoms. Cultivate your mental well-being with our phenomenal mental health solutions.

Explore the strategies for mental clarity

Ascend TMS Center strives to assist you in breaking all the mental health stigmas. You can acquire the combined benefits of convenience and mental well-being. Embrace your mental journey in a cost-effective way
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Empowering Mental Well-Being


Striving for compensable mental strength? Ascend TMS Center caters to your all mental health needs. Our mental health experts can assist you in keeping your brain calm by breaking all the mental barriers.

Meet Our Psychiatrist Team

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Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist

Jane Marshall

Sr. Psychologist


Why Choose Us

Ascend TMS Center provides lasting mental health solutions. Our innovative approach to mental health therapies along with the holistic approach can break your stress cycle.
Booking an appointment with Ascend TMS Center is easy! Simply give us a call or fill out our online appointment request form, and our friendly team will assist you in finding a convenient time slot.
Yes, we accept a variety of insurance plans to make our services accessible to as many individuals as possible. Please contact our office for more information on insurance coverage and payment options.

Our Happy Clients

Ascend TMS Center truly changed my life. Their expert team provided me with personalized care and support every step of the way. Thanks to their innovative therapies, I finally feel like myself again. I can't recommend them enough!

Emily S. Art Director

I was skeptical about seeking help for my mental health, but Ascend TMS Center made me feel comfortable and supported from the moment I walked in. Their cutting-edge therapies have been incredibly effective in managing my symptoms. I'm so grateful for their compassionate approach.

David R. Art Director

I've struggled with anxiety for years, but Ascend TMS Center helped me regain control of my life. Their therapists are knowledgeable, empathetic, and truly dedicated to their patients' well-being. The personalized treatment plan they created for me has made all the difference. Thank you, Ascend TMS Center!

Alex M. Art Director
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Expand your knowledge regarding mental health topics, coping strategies as well as the latest updates in the field. Don’t let the mental health stigma stop you from getting our professional help.

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